Thursday, May 16, 2013

Civilization Ends: 10 Year Old American Boy Sentenced For Plot to Rape and Kill Girl at His School

It's hard to figure out what part of the story is the worst. 

Thinking of myself at 10 years old, I am sure that I never knew what the word "rape" meant. I'm sure my youngest kid doesn't have a clue either.

At 10, I never had a "former" boyfriend. In fact, most of the boys and girls thought the other group had cooties.

"The boy was charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, juvenile firearm possession and witness tampering.."

How on earth does a 10 year old boy have a 'former' girlfriend, get offended enough by her 'rudeness' (where does this come from) to form the mental thought to rape and kill her?

How can a 10 year old boy have the capacity to tamper with witnesses?

Where are the parents?

Maybe these children actually would be better off farmed out on Craigslist?