Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear ADL And Abe Foxman-You Are Irrelevant and A Bit of A Moron

Dear Abe-can I call you Abe?

Abe-most Jews don't really give a hoot about what some irrelevant Church of Ignoramuses think. We have better things to do with our time. 

And-if we are going to worry about something, we have local concerns-like a Rabbi who was just bullied in Toronto by a local police officer. Israel has Iran to worry about and there are all kinds of miscellaneous jihadis to worry about in Israel, and in Europe and even here in North America.

So please-could you FINALLY retire?

You're so annoying and you are not really helping any Jewish causes by magnifying these idiotic antisemites and giving them a platform for their stupid views and more publicity than they could possibly ever buy.

You're a bit of a moron. A shanda actually.

And just because you are survivor of the Holocaust, that doesn't mean you are smart, and it certainly doesn't mean that you speak for all Jewish people-even if you have managed to create yourself a little fifedom over the years.

How much money do you make, by the way? A little? A lot? Do you travel in style? First class?

Because there is apparently a need for some cash to preserve the structures at Auschwitz. 

There are also some Holocaust survivors that could use some help.

Maybe even your help?

Or should they just die-with no dignity?

Us Jews aren't doing a great job at making sure they live their last days with dignity.

Maybe you could focus your attention for a moment on that-or on helping Israel and the Jewish people fight the real battles-for our liberty, for our right to live and breathe and for the survival of the Jewish nation.

With professional Jews like you-really, who needs enemies?

You're welcome!