Sunday, May 19, 2013

In Which I Propose "Liberty Creep"

This is quite an excellent essay on how silly it is for people to 'hope' that someone else will fix a problem. 

Thanks to Kathy for spotting it.

It really is true, and I always remind people when they say "someone" ought to do something about X, Y, Z-that that "someone" is actually YOU.

Now, that doesn't mean that you have to fix everything. It means that you have to try to fix the things that you can probably fix. It doesn't mean taking on the whole world. It means doing what you CAN, and not what you CAN'T.

Kathy was telling me that at the Pamela Geller lecture here in Toronto, many people asked the question:

"So what can we do???"

And Geller rightly said that everyone has to start changing things in their immediate circle, in their immediate spheres-and people grumbled.

Most people default to lazy if given a chance. They want the saviour. They wait for the Messiah.

And with problems of civilizational sustainability and cultural survival on our hands, it's understandable that people want someone else to fix things.  I understand that it is really hard to just take those small baby steps to reclaim normalcy and decency.

But if you aren't willing to make small, vocal changes in your immediate circle-and I don't care who you are, or where you work, or what you do-then you have really forfeited your "right" to complain.

It is very easy to kvetch, and much harder to act.

People talk about "stealth jihad" and "sharia creep", and these are very real phenomena. The stealth jihad is clearer to most people-it's more in your face and harder to ignore.

Sharia creep is more sinister, because it's more incremental and you are sort of lulled into thinking that the little steps aways from liberty are no big deal. You don't feel them adding up. It's a slow drip anaesthetic.

So-I would like to propose something:


What do you think of  that?

I think it's time that we reclaim-and by we-I mean Western society of course. We, who enjoy living in a democratic West, founded on Judeo-Christian values have to do what we CAN and not what we CAN'T to defend these values.

So, in the same way that there have been slow steps toward crushing our freedom and individual liberty-how about trying a reversal of fortune, in the same way?

What can you do for the LIBERTY CREEP?

Your actions need not make headline news.

But if you do take action, and publicize your actions, other people will gain confidence and realize that the sky will not fall if they, too challenge the oppressive, leftist, homogenous thought police.

If you're not interested in this endeavour then you have precious little to complain about.

It's not really money that is needed now-it's the will to change something-anything.

There are a handful of us doing stuff all the time. We're cracking the jokes, cranking out the articles, writing the letters that make bureaucrats accountable, demonstrating, organizing.

We do it all the time. And you know what?

We're still around.

And we'll be around, G-d willing for a long time. And we will never, EVER, EVER give up.

Won't you join us?