Thursday, May 2, 2013

Let's Celebrate Diversity Like It's 1939!

Perhaps by now you will have heard that Canadian cops are intimidating Rabbis in Toronto. 

Yes-that's what I said. More here.

Your tax dollars at work enabling local Muslims to intimidate a Rabbi from hosting a Jewish New Yorker from speaking at a synagogue. 

Who decided that Pam Geller doesn't "share our values"?

My values are based on free speech.

Without free speech-there is no freedom.

This is not a Jewish issue. 

It's a freedom issue. 

Now I have a question. 

Since when have Canadian police officers been empowered to act as sharia enforcers, ensuring that lowly, stinky, unworthy, dhimmi Jews and other assorted infidels do not engage in possible future crime blasphemy?

I don't remember voting for that.

I don't remember empowering any Canadian politician to give such directives to the police officers in my area? 

As I said last night to Kathy and scaramouche-this will backfire on the people who tried to silence free speech. It will be bigger and better and you losers have just bought us more free publicity than we could have ever, ever afforded-so thank you!

By the way-I don't know Rabbi Kaplan, I have never met him, but I can tell you that this is not the first time that a bunch of whining loser moron squishes have tried to force him out of his chaplaincy position. Obviously-it's something that he cares about very much-as a moral, upstanding citizen would. And that is why they target him on this.

Remember this? 

What are the chances? The radical Jewish left, the gay lobby and now the Muslims. The unholy alliance.

As scaramouche says: "Coincidences-secular miracles.|