Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Manhattan Moms Pay to "Hire" Disabled People to Cut Lines at Disney?

This is so disgusting, I almost threw up reading it. 

But as my Dad says, the worst never happens, only the most disgusting.

You know what?

It really sucks to have a kid who is disabled. I'm tired of politely telling people that no-they shouldn't use the disabled spot even "just for a second" to run in and do something because some of us have kids who can't walk "even for a second".

People don't care, I get that.

They also don't get how lucky they are to worry about regular things regarding their kids. Not about feeding tubes and surgeries, and specialists and tests, and medications, and having pharmacy in your house and almost becoming a specialist in whatever medical disciplines your child requires.

It's the kind of thing where a lot of people only realize how lucky they are to have healthy kids when something changes-suddenly. And I would never wish that on anyone.

But to "hire" a disabled person to cut the lines at Disney is just a new low.

And of course, this will make it harder on families with kids who are actually disabled, as they will likely have to put in increased scrutiny of application forms for special access passes. Shameful.

Just despicable.