Monday, May 6, 2013

Questions That Need Answers: What Makes a Woman Sexy?

"Certainly, sexiness is not simplistic. But none of this takes full account of the vagaries of desire, and the unexpected places where its pitiless gaze lands. I once organised a dinner in Downing Street which Mrs Thatcher hosted. The next morning, one of the guests called and said: “My God! She’s amazingly sexy. Did you see her hands?”

Cute article. 

I think Sophia Loren once said that sexiness is 10% what you have and 90% what people think you have. I think it's a combination of certain basic physical things and then the cerebral (and by that I don't mean brains necessarily-just all the things that are mind-based, like chemistry).

Many things are not sexy, just slutty.

And chemistry remains a matter of personal taste-fortunately!

This means that are matches out there for everyone.

But the trick for humans is not having chemistry, it's having staying power.