Friday, May 3, 2013

Roger L. Simon: Silence, Please

This is your must read of the day (so far)!

An excellent piece by Roger L. Simon on the enablers: Silence, Please.

The whole thing is perfectly excellent, and his conclusion is a winner as well:

"The justification for this extreme bowdlerization by our leadership and mainstream media, I’m assuming, is that to name Islam — and often even radical Islam — as the culprit is to make matters worse,  to stir them up."

[Ed. note-gutless wonders and apologists...]

"This attitude is actually racist."

"By making Islam immune to criticism, you are treating its adherents as if they were children (mere “wogs” in the unattractive parlance of the British Empire), unable to correct or adapt their ideology and join modern civilization.  Consciously or unconsciously, you are saying they are just not up to it."

"And in that case, they certainly won’t be."

"Those who fail to criticize Islam are enabling it."


And this is exactly what is not comprehensible (willful blindness and ignorance) by the people-the poseurs who think it's no big deal that a police officer here in the Greater Toronto Area has bullied a local Rabbi into cancelling a talk at his shul by a Jewish woman who is anti-jihad