Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sartorial State of Mind-Chabadnicks With A Passion for Fashion

What a great story! 

Neat fellow this Rabbi-Tailor!

Jews have long been involved with the schmatta business. Listen to the good Rabbi:

“This is a very important message,” Tiefenbrun told JTA. “You can be a [religious] man and still be successful in whatever you do if you are constantly working on yourself and keeping your Jewish life alive.”

Heed his words:

People will listen and appreciate you more if you dress well and look presentable,” he said.

So true, so true!

Here is a gallery from the Golden Shears Awards. 

Picture number 1 is amazing!!! LOVE.

Photo 7 is the Rabbi-great outfit indeed. Photo 8, very nice.

Photo 10, the right hand suit rocks. Slim fit-lovely.

I just do not have a thing for double breasted suits-seems very dated to me.

The rest of the stuff is too faggy/dandy for me, but whatever floats your sartorial boat!