Sunday, May 12, 2013

Serious Question-Are Americans Becoming Idiots?

The reason I ask is because I love America and Americans.

But I have to wonder why this story isn't bothering more people. It's another one of those issues that are not about a left-right divide.

As Mark Steyn calls it-it's a "free-unfree" thing.

And if you think it's unconscionable that bureaucrats unfairly targeted organizations because of their political status using tax data-how comfortable are you all with the government making all your future health decisions, based on whatever information they decide to access about you?

Government is made up of individuals. Many are straight as an arrow. Many are corrupt, power hungry, meddlesome and partisan.

The IRS has shown that its employees are capable of carrying out vindictive campaigns against specific groups.

Imagine for a moment, the utterly lawless potential when swarms of bureaucratic masses start to tinker with your health, with your body-under "Obama" care.

Socialized medicine really does mean that the decisions about your body are made by a group-not by yourself in consultation with the physician of your choosing.

Imagine for a moment if those same vindictive bureaucrats were making decisions about life-saving treatments for you, or a member of your family.



As I was saying!!!