Thursday, May 16, 2013

So, About Those Namby-Pamby "Rabbis" Who Condemned Pam Geller

Scaramouche has found some telling background information. 

Apparently, these effete morons have never met an inter-faith breakfast that they didn't like!

Amazingly related:

The great Douglas Murray on The Interfaith Racket: Passport to Credibility. 

Love that guy!

"Interfaith dialogue is one of those things it can seem impossible to be against."

"What reasonable, rational person could possibly object to people of different faiths coming together and discussing their differences? Well, as with any negotiation, the problem only really comes if one individual, or group of individuals, heads into the discussion ignorantly or naively while another knows exactly what he is planning to get from it."

"Somewhere in the heart of this misguided burlesque lies the tragedy not just of a community, but of a society. Not once learning a lesson might be dismissed as ignorance. To keep on refusing to learn it begins to look deliberate."