Sunday, May 5, 2013

Steyn: American Jewish Organizations Should Be Up in Arms

I quite agree!

However, most of them are full of sucky, liberal morons who just don't want to cause a scene or have never met an interfaith samosa brunch that they didn't loooooove.

So, yes-My Idiot People are not putting up a fuss.

On paper, the facts are ugly enough.

As Ezra Levant puts it:

Synagogue speakers will from now on, have to be vetted for proper opinions by the police. 

This is Canada!

Even the most odious speakers get a chance to speak here. 

I wonder if Leila Khaled was censored? Warned in advance that her feelings and values might be contrary to Canadian ones?


So, let's review.

Jewish woman from New York is booked to speak at a Canadian synagogue.

Rabbi gets intimidation visit from Canadian (Muslim) police officer quietly suggesting that if he goes ahead with the engagement, he will lose his chaplaincy position with the York Regional Police.

Rabbi gets intimidated by Canadian Muslim Police officer.

But the show will go on.

Anyone know what "Ricky"'s real name is?

The Official Jews, as far as I can see, haven't said a damned thing about this.

CIJA-are you there?

Have you not a single shred of decency or interest in the fact that a Rabbi was intimidated by a Muslim police officer on behalf of York Region?

Speaking of which-where are the politicians who represent York Region?

I'm looking at you Peter Kent. 

And I'm looking at you, Peter Shurman. 

Anyone who keeps quiet is an enabler.