Sunday, May 12, 2013

Steyn: Partisan Politics, My Tuchus

OK-I joke, he didn't say "my tuchus" but it's implied.

It's an inconvenient truth of terrorism that the terrorists actually do not ask what party you have voted for before they blow you up or slit your throat.

"But I voted Democrat", or "I voted Labour" or "Liberal, or "Green" is no insurance against being murdered by a jihadist.

Trying to pin the Benghazi hearings on partisan politics is disgraceful.

As Steyn points out-these guys are all Democrats.

As usual, "Chris" was unavailable for comment.

The jihad is not targeted left or right.

It aims at every free person, every uppity non-believer, left or right who dares live and breathe in liberty.

Trying to suck up to the barbarians, just like trying to deflect the hearings on 'partisan' politics won't work.

Because the answer is always no-we can't talk about it.