Friday, May 17, 2013

Steyn: This is Serious Business.

Mark Steyn speaks to Hugh Hewitt each week and there are always little gems within each interview.

I was reading the transcript of this week's interview, and this piece jumped out at me:

"Look, I think this is serious stuff."

"I think for a start, the IRS has more powers than comparable revenue agencies in other free societies as it is. So if it’s using those powers to punish its enemies, then that’s something that everybody who fills in a tax return ought to be concerned about."

"They’re asking freeborn American citizens what books they read, if their relatives are planning to run for office. And if you decline to answer these questions, they’re going to come into your lives and destroy your life."

"At some point, Americans have to, and these so-called independents, have to decide whether they still wish to live as free people, or whether they’re going to go along with all this stuff, because isn’t it cool to have Obama as president. I mean, those two things are becoming incompatible."

Seems to me that Steyn has identified the main problem with the Obama administration. There is creeping totalitarianism that the mainstream media are only now starting to talk about.

Can America be free under the current Obama administration? Looks like that is not possible-and nobody should be surprised.


In which Mark Steyn wishes for a Global Jewish Caliphate to take over the world. 

I'm in!