Monday, May 6, 2013

The Decline of Western Civilization, Continued

I don't often get discouraged because, as a conservative-I expect humans to be set at "rotten" as their default, tempered only by religion (and only certain religions) and constantly fighting the Evil Inclination-a constant uphill battle.

I am no utopian and I reserve a special degree of contempt for the Jews who are bound first by their liberalism, and only then for Jewish values.

But I do expect-and clearly naively so, that people who call themselves conservatives, and indeed-even get elected to public office as conservatives might have some interest in defending conservative principles some of the time.

I'd even be happy if they defended classical liberal positions as well. I'd be happy if more people were just opening their mouths.

What I'm basically saying here is-hey organized Jewish community, hey Conservative members of provincial and federal parliament:


What is everyone so bloody scared of nowadays? 

Being scared of saying something-of anything is an indication of the decline of Western civilization.

Keeping your mouth shut about things that are important is a sign of our decline and it means that you are an enabler. 

Grown men-alleged men, I guess I should say, who are our elected officials are scared to comment on the fact that a Rabbi was intimidated from having another Jew speak at his synagogue. And the Rabbi himself, is too uncomfortable to speak to the media since this event became public.

Well, I for one-question the desire of any Rabbi, particularly a Chabad Rabbi to remain officially affiliated with any police force that could possibly sanction such unethical behaviour. Why bother ministering to the spiritual needs of any police force that could behave in such a manner? What is this about?

I pray to G-d that it is not a yichus-based crusade. That would be contemptuous. 

And these alleged grown men-our elected officials in the provincial and federal government are also mute.


What kind of Canada do they want to live in?

I guess they want an emasculated, helmet-headed Canada where one is just expected to plod along, sucking up to the politically correct masses. A Canada where it is most important to keep one's head down and hold  one's politically expedient breath until the dust settles from the latest egregious episode of bullying gone wild.

This time  our own civil servants-the police-the people who are meant to serve and protect-they are bullying citizens and bullying clergy?

How dare these people think of themselves even as men?

Being a man requires taking a stand.

Being an elected official means taking a stand. It means representing your constituents in a manner that is actually consistent with Canadian values-and not quietly acquiescing to the thought police for future crimes and bogus hate-crime, puffed up loser complaints.

It looks like a handful of bloggers-mostly females, but a few dudes as well, have more balls than the entire Conservative political caucus in either the provincial or the federal government. 

Wherefore art thou Stephen Harper, Jason Kenney, John Baird, Peter Kent, Peter Shurman and Tim Hudak?

How about you, CIJA? UJA?

It's pathetic actually and disgusting, and the soft-totalitarian forces gain increased strength and a sense of righteous empowerment as each additional day ticks by without a peep out of any of you-and you know who you are.

So just don't say you didn't know, OK?