Friday, May 10, 2013

They Let Him Die, Then Told Lies Over His Coffin

I sure hope that Republicans in 'leadership' positions are reading and listening to Mark Steyn.


Because he is handing them-gratis-the talking points that regular people understand very well about this administration. 

Here is Steyn on the Benghazi hearings yesterday:

"There isn’t actually a partisan element here."

"All the players involved in this are Democrats. Chris Stevens [Ed. note: Stevens, of course-unavailable for comment...] is in fact the poster boy for the Obama-Clinton view of the Arab Spring."

"He’s one of their guys."

"I mean, as chaps like me look on it, he was in large part deluded about the nature of the Arab Spring, that he was a personally courageous and brave man who was on the front line of the Obama-Clinton narrative about the Arab Spring. And they let him die, and then told lies over his coffin. "

"And Democrats, liberals should ask themselves about that, if they are willing to, that’s, no right wingers, no Republicans, no conservatives are involved in this. They did that to one of their own."

Steyn just spelled out the entire, sick, self-serving, jihad-enabling ethos of the corrupt Democratic party in a few paragraphs.

I sure hope someone in the Republic HQ is listening to him.

With this commentary-he has written the playbook. 

This is simple language containing incontestable facts and objective observations about the abject lack of morality on the American left.

Regular Americans need to hear this kind of analysis from conservatives or else it will be The Liar Over the Coffin for 2016.


Listen to the clip here.