Monday, May 20, 2013

When the American Government Targets Ordinary Americans

First read Mark Steyn on The Autocrat Accountants. 

Then read True Scandal. 

My question is-what recourse to regular American citizens have, when their government targets them in such an obvious way, with what seems to be complete impunity?

They are "fighting back", but as with our own Canadian "human rights trials"-the process is the punishment.

Instead of spending energy on productive things, all of one's financial, psychological and emotional resources must be dedicated to these fights.

And of course, the bureaucrats who wage the wars have no such worries because their partisan battles are subsidized by the taxpayer-by the very same individuals who are the subject of their vicious wrath.

So, what can be done?

What remedies are available? Are there any? Can anyone recover from such egregious assaults on their personal liberty and property?

Are we doomed to fight these battles over and over again, as weak-minded government officials -even the ones on "our" side sit idly by?