Monday, May 6, 2013

York Regional Police Officer Who Intimidated Rabbi Apparently Not Muslim

Word is that the diversity enforcer is not Muslim.  The Ottawa Citizen apparently got that wrong.

As far as I'm concerned-big whoop. This is a blip in the story.

He was still enforcing the wishes of the Muslim community in trying to shut down an anti-Jihad speaker and thus still a sharia enforcer.

The facts remain the same: a tax-payer funded member of the York police services intimidated a Rabbi into cancelling a speech by a Jewish woman at his synagogue.

It still stinks-and the story broke well before the Ottawa Citizen-wrongly as it apparently turns out-chimed in that he was Muslim.

So, I'll be crossing out Muslim wherever I had it posted, but everything else stands-it is a disgusting abuse of power, and embarrassment to Canada and a disgrace.

And remember-nothing said against Jews has ever been pursued as hate speech in the GTA or York Region.

The people who haven't said anything about this are still gutless wonders whether or not the officer in question is Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Zoroastrian, Bahai, Jain or Amish.

Abuse of power and intimidation happened to a Rabbi, and the Rabbi-whether he likes it or not is the canary in the coal mine.

If only he had the guts and decency to tell the York Regional Police to take their honourary chaplaincy and stick it where the Diversity Sunshine don't ever shine.