Monday, April 27, 2015

Michael Ondaatje: Schmuck

Six writers have pulled out of the Pansy PEN Gala because Charlie Hedbo is being honoured.

Having a festive gala dinner is the least courageous thing on the planet that writers can do to mark the massacre. It's even more pathetic than a hashtag. 

For six writers to object to their silly and globally impotent organization marking the slaughter (in such a meek and token way anyway) is truly reprehensible.

By the way, Associated Press sucks dog balls. 

"Much of the literary community rallied behind Charlie Hebdo after the shootings, but some have expressed unhappiness with its scathing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and other Muslims."

Why do all these media castratti insist upon capitalizing the "p" in prophet?

It's the ABC's of dhimmification, quite literally.

The extreme deference is reflected in that specific capital letter, it is another subtle and pathetic nod to cowardice.