Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Link Dump

Very busy!

MORE LATER, but for now: 

Charlie Hedbo's murdered editor slams the disgusting, craven left-wing French intellectuals who wanted him to "tone it down".

New ISIS guide teaches terrorists how to befriend and kill infidels in the West.

Another Obama foreign policy success. Hats off HEADS OFF to him. "Execution surge". What could possibly be wrong with that?

HRC was a prize speaker for Jews till she kissed Suha Arafat. OMG, can you imagine kissing someone who had kissed Arafat?!? GAH.

I knew the G-d of Israel was all powerful but this?!?! JOOOOOOOS!!

My idiot people.

Jews need to get out of Europe. And stay out.

(Extra ironic is she's from Israel's ghastly lefty media.)

F&ck you, Sweden.