Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Decline of the West

That the West is in decline is not a question.

The question is: can it recover?

President Obama has done a motherlode of damage to the West, and it's pretty heartbreaking. He has tried to damage Israel equally but us stubborn, damned uppity Jews just are not plain listening to his orders to keel over and JUST DIE ALREADY.

Some points to consider:

Why Muslims are the world's fastest-growing religious group. 

(Hint: it's the demographics, stupid. Otherwise known as "Mark Steyn tried to warn you...")

And unfortunately, the moderates stand alone. 

Beware the blue-eyed medics among you. 

Americans are too busy worrying about transgendered washrooms (the new frontier now that gay marriage is a fait accompli). 

Britain is pretty much OVER.

Read this article very carefully and don't say you weren't warned. 

"Britain is existing in a period similar to the decades before the fall of the Roman Republic where social tensions were rife, the gap between the rich and poor was increasing and extremism was growing."

"And when added to a growing distaste for military action, which has seen huge cuts the armed forces, by the end of the century the UK will no longer have the power, or will, to protect itself against a serious invading force, he predicts."

“There are certainly parallels between 100BC in the Roman Republic where things are starting to get pretty dodgy,” he said.

“It was a time when democracy was moving towards despotism, and in Britain we now see that politics is becoming much more about individuals rather than political parties. It’s about personalities. The two party system has started to break down.

“We live in a golden age where there have been no major wars in Europe for three quarters of a century. But the economy is stagnating and we’re having fewer children."

“And once European countries can no longer defend themselves, the end of national independence cannot be long delayed.”

American "leaders" are too busy getting rich off "charity". 

And to add insult to injury, my truly idiot people are just starting to notice that we are once again, descending into hell. 

What kind of hell? Oh, you know, this kind. 

And when I say "my idiot people" I include the completely and utterly contemptible individuals in Israel-in the IDF who do this kind of thing, FOR SHAME.

Where are the brave?

Some are riding skateboards in Kabul. 

Mostly, people are mute, and while things fall apart because the centre cannot hold, while voices cried from the snow in Nepal, while the Middle East descends further into chaos, while the existential threat to Israel grows and while Baltimore burned, Israel started sending aid to Nepal while the alleged leader of the free world was making crappy jokes to his even more revolting audience of Court Eunuchs with worn out knee pads.

I am therefore not feeling very optimistic right now.