Friday, April 24, 2015

Mark Steyn Is Terribly Unimpressed With Solipsistic Non-Binary Grievance-Mongers and Pusillanimous Sharia Appeasers

Have I mentioned lately that I adore Mark Steyn?

Have I mentioned lately that I adore when Mark Steyn whispers sweet nothings in my ear WHOOPS OH DEAR HOW EMBARRASSING SORRY LET'S TRY THAT AGAIN...RIGHT...TAKE TWO:

That is to say, (musters dignity, breathes in and out)...When Mark Steyn mentions me, en passant, in his brilliant essays?

"As Laura Rosen Cohen likes to say, "security" is the new "shut up". A couple more years of this and we'll all be so "secure" no one will say a word. The pathetic capitulation of Queen's reminds us of just how rare and principled was the behavior of the Aussie Foreign Minister Julie Bishop in her visit to Charlie Hebdo on Tuesday. As that Guardian report continues:
Robert McLiam Wilson, the Paris-based author of Ripley Bogle and Eureka Street, described the cancellation of the event in the face of an unspecified security threat as "not cowardice or surrender. It is part of a long defeat in an unfought war."
McLiam Wilson, who writes for the French satirical magazine, said he could not believe that a city like Belfast that had endured decades of violence would call off the conference.
Speaking from his home in Paris, the author, who was born in west Belfast, said: "I am feeling a touch of shame today. Cancelling such an event in the face of putative menace in a city that endured a 30-year torture of self-immolation seems worse than pusillanimous. Belfast? Seriously? This is not the city I remember. This cancellation says, with trumpeting clarity, that there is no debate because there can be no debate. There is a big boat that can't be rocked."

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