Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Few Thoughts on Europe

You know, I often write about "Eurabia" being "doomed".

It may sound funny to some, but I'm actually not joking.

I really think it's too late for Europe.

I don't think there is any willingness to admit the nature of the problem in Europe, and the few political leaders (or regular folk) that dare speak their minds are marginalized and punished by the elites. The demographic situation cannot be turned back, that genie cannot be stuffed back into the bottle.

So it appears to me that despite the rising levels of terrorism in Europe, European leaders will continue to stick their heads in the sand, and merrily sacrifice the blood of their own children and family members to the cult of death. There is no 'satisfactory' number of sacrifices. And every European family will be dutifully expected to make theirs, just as every Jewish family has been expected to make theirs over the years.

Angela Merkel is digging her heels in, doubling down on her suicide mission for Germany. 

Perhaps one of the most disgusting things about her is the arrogance with which she presumes to understand what the terrorists want. Of course, she gets it totally wrong. Whenever elites proclaim to have intimate knowledge of 'what the terrorists' want, to assure you that they are theology experts, you must understand that it is simply a lethal, elitist, leftist combination of hubris and despicable and suicidal narcissism speaking. Whatever they say is not what the terrorists want, for the terrorists want to terrorize, murder and subjugate. And the fact that Western "leaders" even entertain the "what do the terrorists want" thought means we have really lost this battle and that that "leader" is not worthy of public office.

Who. Cares. What. They. Want.

So let's just review:

Douglas Murray looks at who the targets are. 

The cowardly Pope sticks his head in the sand. 

What do the terrorists want? To exterminate you.  (And make me root for German nudists-a sure sign that the apocalypse is near.)

The French let the murderers out to play, out to hunt for prey. Instead of "letting" these barbarians go and stay in ISIL territory, they prevent them from leaving. 

And of course, in France as in most of the Western world, a big part of the problem is the perception of who the "real" victims are: 

"After the Islamist, anti-gay attack in Orlando, left-wing politician Jean-Luc Mélenchon wrote in his blog that he fears a possible "wave of hatred against Muslims". For many Islamists in France, the Muslim is always the victim, even when he is the killer."

The international suicide pact motto must remain: nothing to see here. 

You must join the "heading off" division of labour. 

The Germans say: nothing to see here. 

The rapes continue in Europe, where a 79-year old woman cannot be safe visiting her dead.

Where the Nuremberg Laws were birthed, a new wave of Nazism is welcomed with open arms. 

Where the beaches were once stormed, the earth is now once again soaked with blood by "neo" Nazis. 

And (North) American Jews should not feel smug: the spirit of Jew-hatred is alive and well on our shores. 

Yes, I said it: Jew-hatred is alive and well in (North) America. 

The barbarism continues unabated, yet the motives remain unknown. 

The free world is in very, very grave danger.