Friday, August 19, 2016

Glenn Reynolds on the State of Free Speech

Speech, the good professor tells us, is freer.

People, however, are not. 

I agree.

"Well, just like Big Brother in 1984, people don’t suppress opponents’ ideas because they are confident in their own. They suppress opponents’ ideas because they have more confidence in the argument of force than in the force of their arguments."

"And that leads to a general rule: The people who are trying to silence their political enemies aren’t doing it because they’re right. They’re doing it because they’re afraid that otherwise, people will realize they’re running a scam. Bear that in mind, this election season, and beyond."

Technology has liberalized and equalized access to a world-wide Speaker's Easy. 

But the political left is determined to limit what can be thought and said, and currently is currently lawyer, judge and jury regarding what the incredibly punitive personal, professional, social, financial and psychological costs will be for those of us that dare speak our minds.