Monday, August 15, 2016

Trump: We Should Only Admit Those With Shared Values


Our new approach, which must be shared by both parties in America, by our allies overseas, and by our friends in the Middle East, must be to halt the spread of radical Islam,” said Trump.

“All actions should be oriented around this goal, and any country which shares this goal will be our ally. We cannot always choose our friends, but we can never fail to recognize our enemies,” he continued."

"In that regard, Trump said he would call for an international conference focused on this goal."

We will work side-by-side with our friends in the Middle East, including our greatest ally, Israel. We will partner with King Abdullah of Jordan, and President Sisi of Egypt, and all others who recognize this ideology of death that must be extinguished.”

"Trump also said that American values should be impressed upon “newcomers,” calling for the assimilation of immigrants."

Assimilation is not an act of hostility, but an expression of compassion. Our system of government, and our American culture, is the best in the world and will produce the best outcomes for all who adopt it,” said Trump.