Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Alpha Male Gays Take on Islamic Terrorism and Barbarism

You know it's really very gutsy of these guys to be speaking out loud about this, because none of their compadres on the left wants to talk about it. 

The left wants you to take a very big, supersized cup of SHUT UP about Islam and the gay thing...and when I say the gay thing, I mean the throwing gays off buildings thing, the gunning down gay people in American nightclub thing, and the putting gays LITERALLY into concentration camps in a Muslim country thing, and the hanging gays in Iran thing. 

So good for the alpha male homosexuals who clearly have some of THE BIGGEST STONES on the planet.

Gays used to be the pets of the left, but Islam trumps everything else now and the gays with survival instincts understand this very clearly. The left is finished with gays-they are completely, 100% expendable to the political left.