Monday, April 3, 2017

A Veritable Steynalanche!

I've swiped liberated borrowed one of my progeny's devices for a few moments just to encourage you to read Mark Steyn's latest: The Big Shut Up. 

It's so good, and he's sooooooo smart of course, and very brave and just so free speechy and all that, which is just divine of course because without free speech there actually is no speech.

Free speech is the whole enchilada, the gantze megillah, the be all and end all. 

And, for your information, one of the very best parts of this outstanding essay is when he gives a shout out to a very strange, suburban Jewish Zionist mother from Canada that you may or may not have some familiarity with.


Hardware Update: My computer is being examined now by a very jovial fellow with lots of Mac experience and I'm just hoping I didn't burn out the motherf&cking whoops, I mean motherboard but it looks like that may be the case.



It's just a "thing" obviously and not life and death so hopefully I'll be up to speed soon-ish.

In the meantime, I've been doing 'real life' stuff. Passover cleaning is almost done and Passover shopping is on the dance card this week.