Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Haida Bibi, Haida: PM Netanyahu Cancels Meeting With German FM

This is absolutely excellent. 

It's Bibilicious. 

There is no reason to court and flatter one's enemies.

If the Germans want to commit suicide by invasion and dhimmify themselves into oblivion-go ahead. But there's no reason the Jews have to coddle them as they do it, and as they fund organizations that actively seek to destroy the Jewish state.

It's really hard to describe how pathological Germans are, and there really doesn't seem to be much hope for them.

It's excellent that essentially, PM Netanyahu has said you can have your funding of Jew-hatred, or you can have fancy pants photo opps with moi, the leader of Israel and the de facto leader of the free world (President Trump not withstanding, but it's only been about 100 days).

You can't have both! Sorry not sorry!

Rest assured, we Jews will outlive the current iteration of Germany and all of the policy-makers that so wisely decided to bring in an entirely new populace of Jew-haters, West-loathers to their shores, just in time to replace the remnants of the old Jew-haters who were starting finally to die off, yet all living their lives to the fullest on the blood-soaked earth.

I'm really delighted with this move by Netanyahu.