Monday, May 13, 2013

Couples That Last


Married With Children, couples that last.

Hat tip: Instapundit


"My attitude has always been that I stood in front of that church before God and our friends and families and that it was till death do us part. Despite the challenge there was never any moment where I thought there was going to be anything other than us working through it. Everything in my life that is really important I had to work hard at, my job, my education, being a great parent and there is no reason why I should work any less hard to be a great husband."


"When I shut down and just completely withdrew from our relationship he never stopped trying to pull me out of that dungeon. The stick-to-itiveness that he had was not something that I brought to the table, but something I had to learn from him. I always thought if things didn’t work out I’d figure something out, have other options, but I did not marry someone who had that frame of reference. He was pretty battered and beat up, but he never quit and one day I was just tired of fighting and I thought, “this guy is not going to go away and he is not leaving me his children” — and we began to mend. That’s when I learned to start to do some work — on the relationship and on myself. He really loves me the way I am. I’m sure he’d change some things, but he really loves me..."