Monday, May 13, 2013

Steyn: Slurp Free or Die

This is some funny and wildly depressing stuff! 

It's Steyn on America, so obviously-I'm laughing and crying at the same time.

Choice nugget:

"If you fly in from overseas, as often as he does, you can't help noticing America is extremely obese: It's the first thing foreigners remark on, and, if they then prod a little deeper and notice the trillions of dollars of debt, there's a general sense that a population this unhealthy-looking is not what prudent lenders would airily assume to be a good credit risk. The decline of America's human capital is not pretty. And, indeed, there is something sad about a crusade for individual liberty over the right to waddle down the street slurping sickly sweet children's drinks out of giant plastic cups with oversized straws, as poignant an image of societal infantilization as anything."

Exit question: Is Mark Steyn calling Michael Poppins gay-NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT??

  • "The fellow just leaving seemed vaguely familiar, albeit more luridly dressed than usual.."
  • "...a colorless antiseptic zillionaire with whiny, hectoring, faux-patrician Boston vowels who weekends in Bermuda and jets back to his nanny state on Monday morning to declare it illegal to put more than three sugars in your coffee"
  • "As the Mayor sees it, the people are pining for the smack of firm paternalism.." [Ed. note-Moderately Arousing-the Steyn phrase, not the Bloomberg visual...]
  • "Six years ago, Time ran a story on "The New Action Heroes," with Bloomberg and Arnold Schwarzenegger looming on the cover in bespoke monochrome and glowering like a couple of mob enforcers, or a same-sex couple who've just been told the reception suite's been double-booked with a pray-away-the-gay convention."
  • "In Britain, to the amusement of the snootier locals, he ferried friends by helicopter to Royal Ascot and afterwards sent them a customized souvenir album with photographs of themselves sipping his champagne in his box in his company..."
  • "In case you hadn't noticed," for an unprepossessing shrimp, he looks fabulous..."
  • "Maybe it all sounds more heroic over gin slings on the veranda at the Mid Ocean Club."
Fruity drink or drink of fruits?