Sunday, May 12, 2013

Self-Funded Western Cultural Suicide

Welfare cash "might" have funded Boston bombings. 


Seems to me that it is all "fungible" cash.

Still, it's quite incredible how culpable the West is in funding its own cultural and national suicide.

It's Western jihad by suicide.



Man sentenced for plot against terror witness-planned to behead federal witnesses whose testimony helped convict him for his role in an earlier plot to slaughter U.S. servicemen and their families.

The jihadist and his brother-who he recruited: 

"The Sherifis are ethnic Albanians who fled Kosovo in 1999 during a brutal sectarian war with Serbs and ended up as refugees in Raleigh."

Another recruit:

"Elshiekh, a U.S. citizen whose parents emigrated from Egypt, was a respected teacher of special-needs children who was also active as a youth leader at her Raleigh mosque."

Bonus: the respected special needs teacher who, according to "expert" psychiatric testimony was: 

"molested as a child by an uncle in Egypt and then trapped in an arranged marriage to a "con man" who later abandoned her to marry another woman and prescribed several psychiatric drugs that impaired her ability to reason and made her pliable to the will of others, the psychiatrist said".

Hey great! That's really who I want teaching special needs kids. How about you? 

Is it really that much to ask that Western officials seriously consider limiting the number of immigrants that come to the West from countries that are sharia-law based? 

This charming fellow used his sentencing as an opportunity to show that he is an unrepentant, Islamic jihadist terrorist and lecture his dhimmi audience about the Koran.