Sunday, May 12, 2013

Well Said: The "Rabid" Rage of Israel's Enemies

It's really the joy of antisemitism. 

These people live for their hate. Without Judenhaas, they would have nothing! They are so pathetic.

That is why we shouldn't pay ANY attention to morons such as Siddiqui and Stephen Hawkins.

Who cares what the think of Israel and/or the Jews?

Do you think Bibi Netanyahu and the IDF lose any sleep over these idiots? Hardly.

Bibi bombed Syria and then flew to China-not a peep out of him about Syria. Ho-hum. YAWN!

That is the way to do it.

So please spare me the petitions-they are a waste of time. They are like bumper stickers for people who spend too much time on the internet.

No "combatting" antisemitism-that is idiotic.

Let these people fester in their hatred. They are disgusting, ghoulish Party of Death advocates.

Just ignore them.