Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Steyn: The Bickering Genocides

Another fantastic piece by Mark Steyn on The Bickering Genocides.

Otherwise known as the maudlin "my genocide is bigger than your genocide" pissing match discussion in Canada.

And finally-scaramouche's magnificent turn of phrase gets mainstream exposure. 

As Steyn says:

"As the years go by, Anne Frank's supposedly inspiring story makes me a little queasy. Europe venerates its dead Jews even as a resurgent anti-Semitism chases out its living ones. Everyone loves Jews as victims. In other roles, not so much."

I for one, welcome any and all discomfort with the story of Anne Frank.

Like I have always said-light a candle, burn the tree, tear the house down. Flush the saplings down the toilet.

The Anne Frank story has been manipulated by leftists for generations and continues to be abused-what is there to like about it?

There is memory and there is abuse of memory.

Judaism remains a religion of the living-we celebrate life: L'Chaim is "to life".

Morose lefties and their rag-tag jihadi buddies celebrate our deaths and shed a few hypocritical tears every year at the local Holocaust museum/statue/plaque/pencil holder.

Our only real revenge is to keep living as Jews, celebrating life and raising Jewish children with Jewish values.

The living Nazis should still be pursued until they take their last breaths-and the current incarnation of Jew-hating Jihadi Nazis should not be exempt from the wrath of the Jewish warrior-and fortunately-we now have many.

We need to ignore the willfully blind Jewish leftists who are only willing to fight the ghosts on behalf of the dead, and spend none of their time concerned with the living and breathing Jews.That's too tiring-too difficult-too dangerous!

And we need to celebrate the non-Jews amongst us who take very seriously the words of our Creator, who reminds us that He will bless those who bless the Jews and curse those who curse them.

So very many sophisticated, and even not so sophisticated cultures have gone down the drain of history and the Jews remain-why? How?

The answer remains simple: to life.

We are dedicated to life, having been made in the shadow of our Creator.

You can join us or fight us-your choice.

We will carry on with the task of living, walking hand-in-hand with our Christian friends savouring life and fighting back the Culture of Death on every front.

Fear not and rest not, my friends.