Saturday, March 10, 2012

Light a big, huge, honking candle

And melt this thing down stat!

And chop down the tree.

And burn the saplings from the tree also.

Thanks. Like really, just what we need-another institution or person making money off a dead Jew. It's so creepy really. Iconography is not really a Jewish thing, it's kind of-ummm-Catholic. And this is particulcarly creepy: "For Zerbe, the figure of Anne Frank has special significance for the museum. "Anne Frank was such a hopeful person," says Zerbe. "It's that sense of optimism that we want to convey in this figure. It's important to let the story continue."

Hopeful, but dead.

Deadly hopeful?

Hopefully still dead?

Alas, the tradition of mourning and celebrating dead Jews continues. Live Jews are just not as damned popular.