Thursday, January 15, 2015

At Concordia University in Montreal, Canada,"Security" Is the New Shut Up

This is absolutely disgraceful. 

"An event scheduled for Jan. 12 with MP Marc Garneau, was postponed indefinitely because the Montreal Police allegedly alerted organizers that they were anticipating violent protests in response to the talk."

"The talk, organized by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (CAMERA) and the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR), was supposed to look at Canada-Israel relations."

"Bradley Martin, CAMERA Fellow and Representative for Montreal and a student at Concordia, wrote on the event’s Facebook page at around noon on Jan. 12 announcing the talk had been cancelled because the Montreal Police had notified them of a violent protest was set to take place because of this event."

"At around 7 p.m., Martin posted to clarify what had happened, writing the following: “This morning, the Montreal Police informed CIJR that their cyber division detected a planned protest of the event. This protest was estimated to consist of about sixty demonstrators and considered to be hostile and violent. Under the circumstances, it was determined that the venue could not be secured properly and the safety of attendants would be at risk. It was therefore decided that the event would not take place as planned and be postponed indefinitely.”

So, basically, all you have to do to completely stop a talk from happening in Canada, on a university campus-because you disagree with the content, is threaten violence.

But the threat of violence only emanates from one side of the political spectrum-from the leftist/jihadist alliance. You won't find Christians or Jews threatening violence on campus because someone they disagree with is scheduled to speak.  And, thus, in Canada in 2015, as in much of the allegedly civilized world, threats of violence are rewarded. 

The violent, threatening thugs get exactly what they want. The debate is "settled" because it never gets to happen. 

And perhaps even more disturbing and despicable is that and a Canadian police force is once again, voluntarily serving the role as a de facto Sharia Compliance Force, not dissimilar to the disgusting mutawa of Saudi Arabia.

Shame on the Montreal police force and shame on Concordia university.