Sunday, September 18, 2016

Normally I Love Being Right

I really, really love it.

This time, I hate it.

Here's what I wrote in 2007. 

"We know what Robert Latimer did on that fateful day. What Robert Latimer did not do is also clear. He did not put his daughter into foster care. He did not make her a ward of the state. It is also not clear if he solicited any second opinions for his daughter regarding pain management for non-verbal individuals. He just bundled her up and killed her. The last face she saw in her short time on earth was the face of the man who helped create her and would be her killer, too."

"A society that condones his actions is one that has rejected the sanctity of human life. Instead of comforting the disabled, it sees them with horror and revulsion, and deserving of the death penalty. Instead of finding ways of making their challenged lives difficult, it snuffs them out."
Here's what's happening today. 

Woe unto us.