Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Real, Baddest Badass, Jewish Avengers


"From the retirement home outside Tel Aviv where his grandchildren frequently visit him, the 92-year-old Maimon, who goes by the nickname Poldek, fixes a steely gaze with his piercing blue eyes. He looks back with satisfaction at carrying out his "duty" for revenge before starting anew in Israel.

"It was imperative to form this group. If I am proud of something, it is that I belonged to this group," he said. 

"Heaven forbid if, after the war, we had just gone back to the routine without thinking about paying those bastards back. It would have been awful not to respond to those animals."

Thus, question asked and answered:

"What is Zionism? Zionism is the Jews taking their fate in their own hands and not letting the others dictate our fate," she said."

"This is what they wanted to show. You cannot get away with such a terrible deed."