Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Serious About Power and Serious About the Shut Up-UPDATED!

It was extremely kind of Mark Steyn, PBUH, to accede to my pathetic, prodding, estrogen-laden, fangirl demand extremely polite, reasoned, ladylike and reasonable request for him to re-appear after somehow surviving a whole summer without him. 


But before I get into the substance of Steyn's recent remarks both on Rush and on Bill O'Reilly's show, let's briefly discuss the more important matters and they are, as you may have guessed, sartorial DUH!!!!!

Attention Mark Steyn: Very nice suit, lovely colour combination with the shirt, tie and ever-dapper pocket square and looking quite well-rested!!!!! 

Right. So where were we? Hmmm...RIGHT RIGHT matters of substance. Politics, war, jihad, whatevzzzzzzz.....

*composes self*

Mark makes the point here that the left is not serious about conversation. It's serious about ending your conversations. It is serious about power, and it is very serious about shutting and not winning the debate, about stopping discussion about contentious (and indeed, even mundane) issues. 

The left is very serious about you shutting up. It's all about the shut up. 

So when Mark talks about what can be done about the current situation, I would say that one of the most important things to do is to NOT shut up. If everyone self-censors all the time, there is an over- abundance of Shut Up in our world. And when legions of allegedly free people are bullied into the Shut Up Zone, the left gleefully encroaches on even more territory, and expropriates your brain and your family, and your income and your children for its own use. You want to be more free? Are you serious about liberty? Frustrated? For a start, stop taking the political left's Shut Up Mandate so seriously, even in incremental ways. 

Watch the Steyn clip and then I will dump some links, some Jewish soul food for thought on you at the end of this post. 

And now some additional links and Jew-Zionist-Mom thoughts from yours truly, all of which support the Seriously You Plebes Shut Up position and show how screwed we are. 

The West is not serious about fighting the current evils that we face. America is being led by imbecilic, evil-compliant leftists.  "War of narratives" my fine, Zionist tuchus.

Serious about the Shut Up, debate is the new "sparking controversy". 

Free speech for the Jew-haters, but everyone else, please refer to the manual for Shut Up 101. 

Thus we see denial in real time. 

And the entire weight of states is being used to prosecute individuals for jokes, and for thought crimes. This reinforces the general Shut Up Mandate.

The Jews are doing it right. 

And America, don't be smug. In the end, the 'safe spaces' on campus are safe for everyone but Jews.

And remember, it starts with the Jews but never ends with the Jews. 

Never surrender.

Never shut up.


Remember, "security" is the new SHUT UP!