Thursday, August 17, 2017

Most Excellent Delingpole: No Actually (You Leftist Morons), D-Day Was Not Won By Masked, Leftist Thugs

This is a very well written piece from James Delingpole. 

Because the left has no shame, and because you can't shame the shameless, nobody on the left will be ashamed at the appalling and disgusting suggestion (now a meme on the internet among leftist media) that leftists were the reason for the D-Day landings and the Allied victory.

It is so stupid and insipid an idea that it spread like wildfire on Twitter.

Just a bunch of whopper-sized, lefty lies. So what else is new?

Here's the house husband of PM Hairdo's Minister of Selfies, fake conservative Scott Gilmore contributing his own inimitable literary vomit spew to the discussion: