Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Saddest Article of the Day: 9/11 Victim Identified 16 Years On

I read this article, via Natasha Fatah, and it made me really upset for a number of reasons. 

Obviously, I'm still angry about 9/11 and no-I won't forget it, or forgive it. 

I'm sad for the families who had their loved ones murdered by savages.

But there's something both infuriating and pathetic about a victim being identified 16 years after the attacks. Rather than see it as a forensic wonder, or as any possible kind of 'closure' for the family, I just feel angry that the victims of the attacks have become such an afterthought in our lives. Sixteen years on and we still have not truly identified the enemy, and we are losing ground to the enemy every day.

We lost precious lives at Ground Zero and we have lost precious ideological space and actual physical territory since then as well. I don't see that getting better, although I am slightly encouraged by the likes of individuals in the Trump administration such as Dr. Gorka.

But on the whole, I feel that the weary Western world hit the snooze button on 9/11.

I hope I've articulated my response to this article somewhat coherently. This remains a topic that I find very hard to write about. It's very hard to pull the words out of the emotions when I speak and write about terrorism.