Sunday, August 20, 2017

"You Shouldn't Have to Be Afraid To Go Outside Because You Are A Conservative"

So this happened. 

I'm trying hard not to think of how disgusting everything is.

Have not read too much about Boston because I find it very upsetting.

I believe first of all that calling everyone "Nazi" of course minimizes the actual evil of the actual Nazis.

I also believe that the people yelling "Nazi" have much more in common with the Nazis than the people they are yelling at.

As well, the people yelling "Nazi" are the ones who refuse to recognize who the real "neo" Nazis are of today.

Lastly, I think that the current "antifa" goons have a very clear goal.

Violence and intimidation are merely their disgusting, but predictable tactics.

The goal is the eradication of Free Speech/the American First Amendment.

Because without Free Speech, we cannot have any other freedoms.