Tuesday, August 15, 2017

This Has Also Been My Own Experience

The left-wing men I have dealt with in various capacities, personal and professional, have been the worst sexists I've ever encountered.

Very interesting piece here. 

"Three cheers for Jess Phillips, one Labour MP who tells it like it is — even if it involves exposing the sanctimonious self-righteous posturing of the trendy Left in British politics."

"Her acid observation — reported in the Mail yesterday — that Left-wing men are 'the worst, the actual worst' when it comes to sexism is difficult to refute if you've witnessed as I have, male comrades locking horns over some ideological minutiae, while the 'sisters' take the minutes and make the tea."

"Speaking at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the MP for Birmingham Yardley said while Left-wing men say they want equality 'they don't think of [women] on the same level', adding that the 'Left-leaning' were worse than those described as 'out-and-out sexists of the Right'."