Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What A Cowardly Scam

So my buddy scaramouche has written up this excellent little bit which is on the surface, about the Official Jews 'not getting the memo' about how this hate speech stuff works. 

Here's what I think.

I think that these lefty Jewish organizations are excellent at fighting the battles that have already been won.

As an example, I think this particular Professional Jew is is pompous and obtuse, but he is not stupid.

These guys know very well that Islamic Jew-hatred is the problem but it's not good for business and they are terrified, pretty much sh&tting in their fancy suits.

"Hate" and antisemitism are good for business. 

A 1,000% increase in donations?!?!? Can you imagine?

Note to Professional Lefty Jews: Please do solicit me for a donation after you have successfully made your "hate speech" pitch at a mosque of your choice.

Maybe that one in Montreal?

As my friend Kathy would say: what a bunch of fairies.

The War on Swastikas makes the Professional Jew Caste look like they are doing something when in fact they are not only doing nothing to "fight" antisemitism, in some cases, they are making it worse. Because regular non-Jewish people are pretty sick of being collectively accused of being Nazis, or Secret Nazis, or Sooooooper Seeeekrit Nazis just because they are not Jewish and not leftists.

You know how many times I have to Jew-splain that these people are primarily leftists, they belong to the Church of Leftism, but they were merely born Jewish?

I'm getting pretty tired of it!

I keep Jew-splaining and Jew-splaining. 

Some of my best friends also keep trying to STEYNSPLAIN THIS. 


So I see this this latest asinine campaign more like an unofficial mea culpa.

The Official Dumber and Dhimmier Than A Bag of Hammers Jews know VERY well that the enthusiastic embrace of "hate speech" has officially boomeranged on the Jews and it is theory fault, and this is just a CYA right now.

They are doubling down on how great the "hate speech" laws are but still are foolishly clinging to the fantasy that they will only be applied to Jews. Fat chance!

Hate speech laws are despicable and stupid. Just like "fighting antisemitism". We need only fight the antisemites. Let them hate us all they want.

These lefty Jews and the double-down are truly delusional.

They remind me of Angela Merkel.