Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Daniel Greenfield: Pro-Trump Jews Are the Future of American Zionism

This is SO good. 

I'm loathe to excerpt because the whole thing is so amazing. 


But here's a small bit:

"Modern Zionism is split between positive aspirational Zionism and negative respectability Zionism."

"Positive Zionism was the movement of a cultural, religious and national minority to reclaim an independent identity and unleash the potential of the Jewish people. Negative Zionism was a reaction to anti-Semitism. And then, when Zionism became safe, it became a trophy of communal respectability.

"Those American Jews who continue to support Israel will be immune to media shaming. They won’t look for mainstream respectability. Instead they will become more Zionist because it is disreputable."

"Trump’s support for Israel is bad for its respectability. Respectable Jews would rather not have the embassy moved at all if Trump had to be the one to do it. They are critical of everything that Trump does because that’s the respectable thing to do. When they worry about being suspected of dual loyalty, they don’t mean to America and Israel, but to the progressive cause and to the Zionist reality."

"As long as the left controls the cultural high ground, it gets to define respectability. And so respectability invariably becomes an echo of its views. Only those who defy that echo chamber will remain pro-Israel."

"Zionism without chutzpah is unsustainable."