Thursday, June 14, 2018

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Is Absolutely Outstanding in Hostile, Beligerant Interview With Smarmy Jew-Hater of the BBC

This is amazing.

Absolutely amazing.

Look at how hostile this "journalist" is!

Interrupting, and his sneering Jew-hatred just oozes out of his questions. And Bibi doesn't even flinch at all. Look at his face! OMG! 

He is clearly thinking to himself "oh my gawwwd this guy is an utter anti-Israel moron", but stays respectful and cool-headed.

Watch as he calmly dumps mega truth bombs on the BBC guy who is just plain rude, and does not care at all about the disgusting and provocative interruptions and his ridiculously transparent virtue-signalling questions and interruptions.

This smarmy, obnoxious BBC douchebag seems totally devastated by the idea that Jews and Arabs can make peace without the Palestinians. You can just tell how much he hates Bibi and Israel. It's absolutely amazing how much hatred emanates out of his pores. He doesn't want to hear anything good about the Jews or about Israel.

Watch the whole thing.

Netanyahu, among his other many accomplishments, is in a media master class of his own.