Friday, June 1, 2018

Stop Playing This Game

This is a really sick and douchey thing to do to someone.

However, I believe that this is the ultimate and inevitable result of too many people being anonymous or pseudonymous in their social media posts or internet presence.

I am going to sound like a broken record player, but if you play by their rules, the stakes are higher. If you are scared about having your opinions known, and terrified that someone may "out" you, then the ideological hunters smell blood and you turn into prey.

If more people, as Mark Steyn and Aaayan Hirsi Ali always say "share the risk", then the risks go down for everyone.

If more people just spoke openly even about 1% of the contentious issues of the day, then none of this would be a big deal and things could be the way they ought to be, i.e yes, my neighbour/friend/colleague is a Trump supporter-SO WHAT?

The malevolent political left is not just interested in destroying the one individual with the "wrong" political opinion, they want that person's entire extended circle of care to go down as well. Nobody is immune. It doesn't matter if you are a card-carrying liberal with perfect liberal credentials. If you offend the mob, it's game over for you and yours in every possible way: economically, professionally, socially-the works.

That's why I characterize social media as the left's Manhattan Project.

Social media platforms have an extraordinary power to do good and an extraordinary power to do bad and even evil. Unfortunately, the really bad stories of destruction usually only go from left to right. These platforms can do very interesting and magical things, really remarkable and majestic stuff, but they are certainly very dangerous at the moment for people who have the "wrong" opinions. Why are so many people letting this happen?

This is another reason why individuals have to continually expand the breadth of 'acceptable' discourse in polite society. We need to bring people closer toward an understanding of freedom of speech, and make freedom of speech the default setting.

We need to always push back on the arbitrary, punitive and destructive "rules" that the political left has established and flip the game board right off the coffee table.