Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Very busy, etc...but have a bunch of links.

I kind of don't really feel like blogging much because MEH. I have got a lot going on and there's lots of SUCK in the world right now in general and with my own regular stuff.

However, I'll put this stuff "out there" as I'm wont to do. I hope you enjoy/hate it.

The Insane Asylum (Germany) 

Marxism Didn't Die, It's Alive and Well And Living Among Us 

Privacy settings you should activate on all your social networks (if you have them)

Rest in peace, Sam Pacht.

Good grief: Pentagon covers up fact that female officers nearly sunk a military ship because they were in a fight with one another and not on speaking terms. 

Medical journal admits "brain dead" human beings may not really be dead.