Tuesday, June 5, 2018

This Is So Stupid

Look, there are some truths that are just truths.

Men like to look at women. DUH.

And women prefer romance novels to male strippers, etc. DUH.

This is just so stupid. 

This is like when you are trying to fix someone up on a blind date and the guy says "what does she look like" and then the matchmaker says OH SHE HAS A WONDERFUL BUBBLY PERSONALITY.

That means fat.

And men don't like fat chicks. Sorry, it's the truth. Yes OF COURSE they are interested in your personality, and OF COURSE they want non-shrewish partners. But visuals are a big, big, big thing for men.

Miss America is an ogling contest. Jiggle jiggle, prance dance, blah blah. DUH.

This is another attack on men. Look, I never watch those pageants and contests, I really couldn't care less about them. But this seems to me another stab at regular, red blooded, heterosexual American men.

There will be ZERO viewers for a personality contest. This is so boring and stupid, and virtue-signally, it's probably a surefire, slow burnging way to bankrupt the competition so it will become obsolete within a few years.