Monday, January 2, 2017

Cautious Optimism on 2017 From Andrew Klaven

Great essay: 

"Education, media, culture, and religion need to be slowly won back even while the Trumpians do their best and worst. We need to teach and preach the basics: the logic of faith, the reasons behind natural rights, the need to limit government, the urgent importance of free speech, the power of intact families. The left has worked and worked hard to erode these principles in our universities, our churches and our television screens. Rather than griping every time Trump zigs left when he should've zagged right, let's start to make the positive arguments for liberty we will need voters to understand come 2020 and beyond."

"This is a good moment politically. Good things may come of it. But don't confuse political victories with victories of principle. America's public, its youth, and its friends have been schooled in ignorance of conservative basics for 60 years. That ignorance didn't go away on election day. We should begin the hard work of ending it now."