Monday, January 9, 2017

Excellent: A Psychoanalysis of the Obama-Kerry Post-Modern Jew Hatred

This is absolutely excellent. 

Read the whole thing. Every single word.

"For decades, the proclamations of the trans-national left have echoed with the ancient theme of Jew-hating. Obama and Kerry are not Nazis. But their words and deeds have a familiar odor: that the real threat to the world is still those Jews. Their attack on Jews is not genocidal racism arising from authoritarian national fascism. The bigotry of Obama and Kerry arises in an era characterized not by national fascism, but by post-national narcissism."

"American society is not authoritarian; it is narcissistic. The narcissists' foremost need is to feel good about themselves, not to serve a national purpose. Obama, Kerry, and fellow Democrats need to feel like high-toned peacemakers while accommodating terrorism, mass murder, and genocide, such as against the Middle Eastern Christians communities. And they do feel very good about themselves. In neutering the U.S. military and focusing attention on Israel and the Jews, they feel great about themselves."

"Focusing on the Jewish problem works to stabilize this insanity once again. But this time, Jew-hating is not psychologically tasked with ridding the unconscious mind of nationalist weakness; it is to rid the mind of guilt over failure to protect one's nation. Jew-hating serves a narcissistic purpose of unearned moral superiority. When I am brave enough to blame the Jews, I feel good about myself."

"The European governments, allies of the Palestinian anti-Israeli terrorists, whom they called a "just cause" - thus feeding them spiritually and funding them - believed that they were safe. But guess what? This Ummah policy against Israel, actively supported by its European and dhimmi courtiers, was unleashed against the people of Europe."

(It only starts with the Jews, it never ends with the Jews...)

"Did terrorists attack Israelis during their festivities? Now it is the Europeans who have to celebrate their festivities protected by an army of soldiers. It is the Europeans' turn to see a replacement population being created in their own countries, with all the rights that are now being taken away from them. It is the Europeans' turn to be forced to renounce their national, historic, cultural and religious identity, to apologize and take the blame for existing as they are. It is the Europeans' turn to be forced to monitor their borders and guard their airports, their schools, their trains, their streets and their cities with soldiers."

"Ironically, the European governments that contemplated the destruction of Israel worked together with the enemies of Israel to destroy their own people, their own sovereignty, their own security and their own freedoms. The OIC pandered to their unconfessed hatred of Israel, blinding them with its gold and unwaveringly led the cowards and the fainthearted, under the whip of terrorism, towards dishonor and oblivion."

"Resolution 2334 is the culmination of this policy, but it is not the last chapter of the story."