Thursday, January 5, 2017

VDH: "Why the Anti-Israel Sentiments?"


"...the source of anti-Israelism is ancient anti-Semitism."

"If Israelis were Egyptians administering Gaza or Jordanians running the West Bank (as during the 1960s), no one would care. The world's problem is that Israelis are Jews. Thus, Israel earns negative scrutiny that is never extended commensurately to others. Obama and his diplomatic team should have known all this. Perhaps they do, but they simply do not care."

Actually, I think VDH is being far too charitable with Obama. I believe that Obama has a very deep-seated and virulent hatred of Jews. 

Only idiot lefty Jews who throw their money at the Jew-haters are unwilling to see this. 

It is a conscious, active choice to be a Jew-hater. Obama made that choice long ago, and all of his policy decisions toward Israel have demonstrated that fact. 

On the bright side, at least the Palestinians are doing some damage to themselves nowadays.